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Regular bra are one of the biggest factor to shoulder, neck and back pain.
The major difference is that ElenaJenn is created and designed to provide the wearer with a smooth profile underneath clothing while providing the comfortable and supportive support.

Typical underwired bras use bra cup to hold the breasts and the tightening of straps to provide vertical support. The primary component offering the most support is the chest band that wraps around the torso and often causing discomfort and back bulging. ElenaJenn bra uses patented bra pads with highly elastic materials that provides the “wrap around” effect that resulting in equilibrium support all around much like the “second skin”.

Definitely! ElenaJenn seamless bra is suitable for every outdoor activities as well as work as swimwear.

Absolutely. In fact, ElenaJenn bra is great to be used as sport bra as it has excellent moisture-wicking capability, great breathability and regulate your body temperature to eliminate excess heat created from intense workout.

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