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Our Story


For years, our many female forms have been squeezed into a few standard sizes. When we don’t fit the standard, we’ve been asked to compromise: our confidence, our sensuality, our sense of belonging.

We created ElenaJenn to challenge these standards with elegantly engineered solutions. We threw out a century-old sizing system and made our measurements on real bodies.


ElenaJenn is on a mission to redefine the way women look and feel in their underwear.

We sourced fabrics with luxury feel and performance strength. We challenged the notion that sensuality is anything other than a self-defined state of being.

We spent two years making foundational revisions to a woman’s intimate expectations. The result is a collection of iconic unlined bras designed to accentuate, not alter, the female form. 

With every woman who finds her fit, ElenaJenn is shaping a modern legacy of sensuality. Thanks for being part of the new narrative.

- Elena Jenn